Olivos olive oil soaps
are the natural artisan products made for the bath & body to soothe the body, mind, and soul. Not all of the olive oil soaps, even though they are claimed so, are made with natural olive oil.

Manufacturing high quality and healthy olive oil soaps requires expertise as well as the use of high quality ingredients. Green coloured soaps, claimed as natural olive oil soaps, in the market are made from olive oil pomace. Naturality and creativity are vital components of Olivos. Olivos promotes a sustainable environment and high quality skin care by using hand-picked, natural, and organic ingredients for beneficial results. All of our soaps and packaging process are handmade.

Olivos olive oil soaps are made with 100% virgin olive oil, that’s why Olivos soaps’ colour is between white and light green.
Thanks to the hot process method, all ingredients are effectively harmonize to return higher performing soaps. Olivos olive oil soaps are very exceptional products of which the olive oil used in production is a very special and selected pure blend of the Edremit Region in Turkey.

Olivos soaps’ performance is very high both on the hair and the skin. In terms of the unique blend of extra virgin olive oil and natural fragrances, our brand is unique in the market.

Olivos is proud to offer you elaborately manufactured soaps. Olivos’ goal is to produce the purest and the most natural 100% extra virgin olive oil soaps.

We believe that all natural soaps should be beautiful, functional and elegant to use.